Free Tile or Laminate Floor Cleaning

We are offering free tile or laminate floor cleaning for a 5-hour or more cleaning session and this is for 1 room only. Why is it important to have tiled floors cleaned and scrubbed, properly? Firstly, it’s a more effective way to remove grime and dirt from in between the tiles instead of mopping it over…


Maid Masters on Yelp

Maid Masters is highly rated on Yelp! We would love to hear your feedback. Maid Masters strives for great customer service and experiences from our clients. Thank you for choosing Maid Masters as your cleaning service. We are so honored to read your reviews.


Affiliates and Friends in the Community

We have many friends and affiliates in the community. Growing up in Fort Worth, it’s a small community and it’s great to see friends and family being passionate about their company. Running a small business takes a lot grease and sweat… Esp, during the hot summer days! Check out some cool companies below: Digital Sea…


Make Your Own Anti-Bacterial Spray

Use this super easy recipe to make an awesome germ killer on sinks, vanities and toilet seats. White thyme oil, although expensive, inhibits bacterial growth. We use this as our eco-friendly spraying product. Prep: 2 min. Yield: Approximately 18 oz. (a 2- to 3-month supply) YOU’LL NEED Funnel Measuring cup and spoon 24-oz. spray bottle Microfiber…